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Finding Avi

A Developing Immersive Work

poster art by Rachel Minier
Once upon a time (neither here nor elsewhere but somewhere in between), there was and there was not a child…

Finding Avi sends the audience searching for a single child inside a map made from scraps of a community's own queer history and fragments of re-imagined fairy tales.

What we record and mythologize in our history shapes the possibilities we see in our future as children, as adults, and as everything in between. Finding Avi embraces young, queer people and their ability to make their own choices (and mistakes) while learning who they are – and where they find joy.

continually co-created by
Katherine Wilkinson & Elizagrace Madrone

Finding Avi: San Diego, 2022
La Jolla Playhouse WOW Festival


Director - Katherine Wilkinson
Writer/Experience Design - Elizagrace Madrone

Choreography - Earl Kim
Set Design - Marie de Testa
Sound Design - Kevyn Fernandez
Costume Design - Haydee Zelideth 

Stage Manager - Josie Gerk
Production Manager - Margaret Jumonville
Production Assistant - Paloma Carrillo

Poster design - Rachel Minier


Siobhan Aida as Avi
Kassandra Sanchez as Kass
Marcy Ledvinka as RollerBabe
Glenn        on guitar

Lillie Reising
Gracie Poletti
Bekah Broas
Melany Aguilar
Emily Taylor
Devin Robbins
Drake Robbins
Blanca Buelna
Jenny Hanrahan
Olga Cortes
Sarah Keene
Tim Frangos
Patrick Ward
Josh Chris
Special thanks to the queer communities of San Diego - young and old - for welcoming us in and sharing their stories. 
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