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The Extremely Grey Line

New Ohio Theatre 

Ice Factory 2021 presents

The Extremely Grey Line

A 23.5° Tilt Production
co-written by

Kate Pressman &

Elizagrace Madrone

Directed by Estefanía Fadul


Layla Wolfgang

Julia Hall

Sam Gonzales

Alejandra Venancio

Elizagrace Madrone

Image Design: Rachel Minier   

The Extremely Grey Line


Death is so pedestrian. It’s almost the same as the alternative: same streets, same meats, same feets and then you look up and you don’t know where you are.

But we’ve provided a guide. Or three.

We’re all going to the same place, after all. Does it really matter how we get there?

New Ohio Theatre


Wednesday, June 30th, 7pm

Thursday, July 1, 7pm

Friday, July 2, 7pm

Saturday, July 3, 7pm

Grey Line_Alejandra Venancio_UnRealtor_Photographer Mallory Kinney_WEB RESIZE.jpg

“Picture a Mary Poppins selling burial plots to the newly dead...

The Extremely Grey Line is a delightfully whimsical experience, cleverly planned and performed, sure to appeal to anyone with a slightly macabre sense of humor."

— Erin Kahn, Stage Buddy

Full Review

Grey Line_Layla Wolfgang_Tina_Photographer Mallory Kinney_2_WEB RESIZE.jpg

“The Extremely Grey Line is a humorous dig at death, gentrification, and the absurd value of real estate.

....while we all go through life differently, we end up in the same place. The where, in the end, is meaningless."

— Tami Shaloum, Round the World Stage

Full Review

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